Why do I Budget…And Continue to Budget!

So, why did I personally start a budget.  It got to a point where all I was doing was working as much as possible, i.e overtime!  As much overtime as I could get, not in order to be able to go on an awesome trip, but to pay bills.  Everything I was making was going to debt.  Bills were being paid, however the overall balance was not moving.  I did not like that every pay-day, I was broke within a couple of hours.  Money came in then immediately went back out.  That was paying the minimum balance, which is where credit card companies get you.  Yeah, that minimum payment may only be $25.00 a month, but paying just that amount is not going to get you anywhere…at least for a very long time.  Then all those small purchases we don’t think much about.  That pack of gum, or soda from the store.  Those all add up!  When you start tracking every purchase, and looking to see where exactly your money is going, you are going to be surprised at what you find.  Try it out a budget for yourself, see what you find!  Make one up yourself, or check out are FREE starter budget worksheet!

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