Retirement…say what?

So, a budget has been selected and a worksheet completed.  Let me ask a question, does the budget include retirement options?  If it doesn’t, why not?  We aren’t getting younger here, and surely no one reading this wants to work until the end, at least, not be required to due to financial reasons.  Personally, my wife and I want to be able to do what we want, when we want.  Travel, see amazing sights, taste amazing food, and having amazing experiences.  Those things can’t be accomplished on Social Security alone.  To receive 100% benefits, per the Social Security Administration, retirement age is 67…at the moment.  Retiring at the age of 62 only would provide 70%.  Some of you may have already included Retirement plans into your budget, congratulations on being apart of 34%.  Katie Lobosco had an article on CNN showing that 66% of us have nothing saved for retirement.  That is a large percentage considering some of us are in our thirties.  Retirement is not something that we can keep putting on the back burner.  Start saving, start planning, and include retirement options into your budget.

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