My Side Hustle.

What is my Side Hustle?

In the last post I was talking about the benefits of a side hustle, and of course I have a side hustle.  I love dogs, I have four of them.  Due to that love, my side hustle involves watching dogs.  Rover allows me to watch as many or as few dogs as I want.  They take a percentage of my visits, which covers their cost such as Insurance, advertising, they handle the scheduling and the payments.  I control my availability.  I took something that I love, and provided myself and wife some additional income.  That additional income helped pay off debts, got us a “want,” or assisted with a vacation.  There are so many other online options out there.  If you like to drive, there is Uber and Lyft, and I am sure some others.  If you are into crafts of any kind, or woodworking, there is Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and others.  Find you passion, enjoy life, and enjoy your budget.

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