Cutting Cost

Are You Cutting Cost

So, you are adjusting to life on a budget.  Following the worksheet and making adjustments as needed.  Now, for cutting cost.  Cutting cost is something that can be done drastically or lightly.  If you are someone who needs that adjustment period, then ease in to it.  Remember to be successful, honesty is key.  There are many ways to but cost.  Could be as simple as cutting out Starbucks everyday, or going just once a week.  Coupons can be helpful as well.  The web is covered with websites, and apps, solely designated for coupons.   I personally like Publix and their BOGOs to help with cutting cost.  Another way to cut cost is forgoing name brand products for off brand.  Now don’t get me wrong, some items I have to buy name brand, like laundry detergent must be Tide, but other things are off brand.  Cutting cost will help in paying down debt, or help to pay for one of those “wants.”

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