Staying Motivated

How To Stay Motivated To Budget

We created a budget, now to stay motivated to budget.  Keep your eye on the prize.  Short-term goals provide successes to celebrate, and it is important to celebrate those successes.  Even tracking the progress towards long-term goals.  Keeping track helps motivate you to continue on your journey.  Which is why visual’s are good, as well as looking at your budget worksheet from previous months to see the progression.  There are many different budgeting methods out there.  If a method isn’t working for you, try another.  Make sure to use the budget that works best for you.  Something else to keep in mind, life happens.  If you get off track one month, don’t give up.  It happened, move on and move forward.  Life happens, something unexpected comes up, maybe we spent more in category we shouldn’t have.  It happened, move on from it and get back on track!

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