Fun In Your Budget

Don’t Forget About Fun

The average person is not going to get excited about budgeting, or automatically think “Oh Fun.”  It is important that FUN does not get left out.  Incorporate fun items into the budget.  Sure there may be times you strap down for a short-term goal, just don’t do it continuously.  It can be easy to get burnt out.  If you are single, get a friend to budget with.  A buddy that will help motivate and drive you.  Celebrate milestones together or even have competitions.  Create fun budgeting nights, couples can make them into date nights.  Talk about goals and what you want for the future.  For people budgeting together, this helps to ensure everyone is on the same page and allows time for each person to voice their wants.  Rewards may be included for achieving a goal.  Rewards can be big or small, depending on the budget.  Check out events and festivals in your local area.  These are typically put on for free or have a low-cost associated with them.  Whatever you do, keep the fun in your budget, which ever works best for you!


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