Cut Your Entertainment Budget

While Keeping The Fun

There are ways to cut down on your entertainment budget while keeping the fun in your life.  Instead of going to the bar or restaurant with friends, invite them over.  During nice weather, have a cookout.  Setup game nights, whether it is with board games or cards.  If you’re a gamer, have them over for video games.  Everyone brings their own drink, and if food is involved an appetizer or side dish.  If your into sports, instead of paying the high price for a major league game support your local sports.  Most places of some type of minor league team, if not then go out and support your local schools.  If your paying a high price for that sports package on cable, watch the games at a local sports bar or eatery and cut out that high cost.  Check out your towns/city/state website for activities and festivals that are coming up.  Most of the time they will either be free or have a low entry cost.  Of course, there are always coupons available for most places.  Get creative, think outside the box, and have fun while saving!

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