Tracking Your Money

What do you use?

Starting a budget requires a way to be able to track your money.  Some may be able to just utilize a budget worksheet that is checked weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  If you are in need of something more than just a worksheet, there are several software options available.  Software for your computers or an app.  As always, do your research and select the option best for you.  There are options available for free, but others come at a cost.  Mint offers a free app that is completely customized to you.  This app will sync with your bank, they work with most US Banks, credit cards, and investments.  This will allow you to see real-time balance information in one location.  They will also provide suggestions and calculations based on your information.  Remember, to have a successful budget, be honest about what you need to make it work.  Research different options, weigh the pros and cons, find what will work for you.

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